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Top Tips for Buying Laptop Computers With Integrated 3G

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In today’s modern technological world, we find ourselves craving internet connectivity especially as computer devices become more mobile and pocketable. If your laptop is your main device when it comes to using wireless internet on the go, then you should consider making your life slightly better by making use of a laptop with integrated 3G.

In addition to making use of the internet via a pre-installed device, USB modems are also extremely popular. They are probably the most widely used broadband devices when it comes to wireless internet on the move. Newer models from Novatel and Sierra Wireless have communication software preloaded so that the device can install itself automatically on your machine. If you find a better deal on a laptop that does not have integrated 3G, you may consider using a USB card instead.

Some 3G service providers offer free netbook computers when you sign a 12 or 24 month contract with them. This may help you save some money in addition to buying each component separately, and will allow you to get set up instantly with a wireless internet connection. Before committing to such a deal, you should first compare plans and packages from other service providers in order to ensure that you are receiving the best offer for your hard earned money.

The first laptop that included integrated 3G technology was developed by InGear. These integrated receivers allow you to connect to a 3G network, and achieve speeds from 384kbps to 3.6mbps. Keep in mind that the speed may vary greatly according to locale, and you should always check the coverage map on the website of the particular service provider you wish to go with in order to ensure that there is reception in your area. As laptops with integrated 3G are designed for on-the-go use, you will find a strong emphasis placed on size and weight.

Some popular notebooks featuring built-in 3G include:

- Panasonic ToughBook CF-W5: This device is designed to go anywhere and is ideal for engineers and surveyors. The toughened case will ensure that your device can take more knocks than standard notebooks.
- HP Compaq NC6400: If you are business orientated, this notebook computer will accompany you perfectly. It includes a 14″ screen and fingerprint scanner which adds extra security.

Another way to access the internet wirelessly is via Wi-Fi. This may be beneficial to some people as most modern notebooks have pre-installed Wi-Fi adapters. The only limitation is that you will not be able to make use of the internet outside the vicinity of your wireless hotspot. If, however, you are looking to save some money and still enjoy the benefits of wireless internet, then you should consider Wi-Fi.

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