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Questions Before Buying a Tablet

Monday, 21 March 2011, 1:59 | Personal Tech | 0 Comment | 1200 Views
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Tablets can be a great addition to collection of useful technological devices. They are lightweight, compact, can do many computer related basic tasks and can be bought for much less than a notebook. The only thing that poses a problem is determining the one that first your needs and your budget. The current tablet market has been inundated with tons of options.

In most cases, the devices usually fall into three categories: entertainment, enthusiast and professional use. Before going out and buying the most expensive one, you need to first assess the category that you fit into. If you fit into more than to categories, don’t worry, we will address that.

The second thing you need to closely assess before buying your tablet is your budget. Tablets range in price from around $300 to over $1000 and the products within this range are numerous and can be overwhelming when choosing from them. If you are using this for professional purposes then your budget can be towards the more expensive end of the spectrum. If this is strictly for entertainment, then you choosing a product that provides your basic needs, but won’t destroy your bank for the next 6 months.

The next step is choosing features and these are going to play an important part in the cost of the unit. The most expensive elements that determine the price of a tablet is the size of the touch screen and the processor inside. Some tablets have screens that are 7-inches in size, while others have larger 10.1-inch screens. As for processors, some tablets have the more basic processor developed for tablets, which can perform less processor intensive tasks. The more expensive tablets have either the Intel Atom processors; found in netbooks or in some cases the very powerful Intel i5 dual core processors, which are often found in upper tier notebook computers.

The other features that may be important to you are hard drive space, external USB ports and operating system. Aside from Apple using their own OS, most tablets come with either the Android software or Windows 7. If you are buying from a PC brand, than you need to assess the operating system that fits your needs properly. The Android system is very customizable and users can find thousands of applications online. The Windows 7 operating system is powerful and on a tablet has some really great features, such as handwriting recognition. This application can determine almost any hand written note and decipher it into a different language. Very useful for individuals that like to travel often.

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