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Cheap Netbook Computer

Thursday, 16 September 2010, 2:43 | Personal Tech | 0 Comment | 207 Views
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If you’re looking for a cheap netbook that offers great quality I suggest you check out ASUS netbooks. ASUS brand netbooks are a leader in mini laptop technology and sales. It’s no wonder since they give the user a great computer experience. You definitely do not need to sacrifice quality to get a cheap netbook with ASUS.

ASUS netbooks are always receiving excellent reviews by consumers. These computers offer great CPU speed, generally around 1.7GHz which is plenty fast for all your computing needs such as websurfing, mild gaming and Microsoft applications. Storage is also very nice with many ASUS brand netbooks giving a 160-320GB powerful hard drive and RAM ranging from 1-2 GB. Weight is also very appealing with ASUS brand. Many of their models weigh in around two and a half pounds, which can comfortably be carried in a purse or backpack. Like I said you not only get a cheap netbook, but a high quality one as well.

Now on to battery life. This is where ASUS brand netbooks get huge points. Many of these netbooks have battery life above 10 hours which far exceeds many other brands. That means you can take your computer out on the town with you all day and not even blink an eye. Which is one of the main purposes of owning one of these mini laptops. Portability is essential and ASUS does it right. Not only are you getting a powerful high quality computer, but you are also getting a cheap netbook priced very competitively. Most models are priced in the $269-$399 range which is less than other brands such as Dell and Samsung. ASUS has continued to be one of the best selling producers of computers offering a cheap netbook with superior quality.

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